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Privacy Resources

Lean your regulatory responsibilities. Get tips and advice on privacy compliance and PIA completion. 

Expert advice on getting your PIA right

When you want to know everything there is to know about Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), Alberta privacy expert, Ingrid Ruys, is the person to ask.

Health Information Act

Section 64 of the Health Information Act (HIA) mandates submission of a Privacy Impact Assessment. But that’s not all this 72 page rules and regulations document contains, there's much more to learn.

PIA Preparation: Why Hire a Professional

Operations Manager at Dentrix DentalCare in Calgary, had gone through the PIA process before. The perspective she gained from that experience taught her why a PIA requires the dedicated expertise of a professional.

How to identify ransomware 

Ransomware attacks are getting more and more sophisticated.  This presentation outlines common unexpected tactics that trick people into accidentally downloading dangerous ransomware.

How to Avoid a Privacy Breach

Starting Friday, August 31, 2018 custodians of patient information in Alberta will be required to report all privacy breaches. These 4 steps can fortify your clinic against a breach.

Breach Reporting

Mandatory Breach Reporting

Mandatory privacy breach reporting becomes law in Alberta on August 31, 2018. This presentation outlines how to recognize a breach, the steps your clinic must take in the event of a breach, and what you can do to avoid a breach.

When to Report a Privacy Breach

As of August 31, 2018, it is mandatory to report a privacy breach in Alberta. Here is an introduction to understanding when it is necessary to give notice of a breach.

How to avoid ransomware attacks in your clininc

Hackers are locking clinic data and holding it ransom. Retrieving patient information can be expensive, and falling victim to an attack is a privacy breach.

Support organizations

Dentists and organizations that work with them fall under the HIA. The ADA&C has put together a thorough presentation on the responsibilities of Dentists and Dental Organizations.

Privacy and Security Presentation download 

All you ever wanted to know about privacy and security in Alberta. Download this presentation to learn why privacy is important, why it matters to you, and get a crash course in AB privacy regulations.

Compliance Partner Checklist

Every PIA provider is different. Some services are more complete. This checklist will help you compare privacy partners when you're selecting the organization that will best serve your ongoing compliance and security.

How to Recognize a privacy breach

As reporting privacy breaches becomes mandatory, it is important that you understand what a breach is. These common examples will help you recognize breaches that need to be reported.


Breach Reporting Webinar

Watch a recording of our 30 minute webinar about mandatory breach reporting with privacy compliance experts, Ingrid Ruys and Rohit Joshi. 

The health risks of patient info theft

The theft of patient information can contaminate patient records and prevent practitioners from effectively treating patients, endangering their health.

HIA Guidelines and practices manual

A practical reference tool for the application of Alberta’s Health Information Act (HIA). It is designed to assist all custodians that are subject to the Act fully understand how the Act impacts their clinic.

Privacy Impact assessment requirements

These eight slides will help you learn the when, what, and where of completing a PIA, as well as formats used, how to tips, and important resource sites. It's important information everyone should know.

Privacy Support

You're not on your own when it comes to privacy compliance. Expert partners can do much of the work for you so that you can remain focused on providing high quality care. 


Breach Reporting Decision Tree

Download this chart to help understand whether or not an event involving patient information at your clinic must be reported as a privacy breach.