Complete Privacy Compliance

Save clinician and staff time while protecting your patients, your clinic, and yourself.

Privacy Compliance is an On-going Practice


Normal changes in your clinic require updates to the information within your Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). If your clinic has changed locations, clinicians, major software, or implemented significant policy and procedure changes since your PIA was accepted, you're required to submit an amendment to the OIPC.

Choosing the right professionals to help manage your PIA and privacy compliance will greatly reduce time and effort required to protect patient data. You’ll help staff and clinicians stay focused on providing the best quality care.



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Here's how we help

  • PIA Amendments
  • Privacy Compliance Training
  • Annual Self-Audit Assessment Report
  • Information Management Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Updates for changes to the Health Information Act and other requirements
  • Breach Report Guidance
  • Privacy Hotline (guidance & support)
  • OIPC accepted Secure-Mail Subscription (1 custodian)