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Privacy Support Packages


Privacy Impact Assessments, Compliance Support, Privacy Programs, Training



Join the Alberta clinics that trust us to keep them compliant.

Your expertise is treating patients. Privacy protection, compliance, and regulation is ours.

No one knows Alberta's privacy regulations like the Brightsquid privacy team. Work with our team to get set up for success with a professionally prepared comprehensive privacy impact assessment, ongoing compliance services and consulting, and help with amendments.


The team was knowledgeable and very professional throughout the process. I would recommend Brightsquid to anyone.
— Dr. Tracey Mulhall


Complete Compliance Package


Experts in privacy compliance with over 1,400 accepted PIAs, the Brightsquid privacy team will complete your PIA and support your ongoing privacy needs so you can focus on making patients healthy and happy. Your Brightsquid PIA comes with our OIPC accepted secure email service to ensure your communications are compliant and as a strong line of defence against ransomware.


Privacy Support

  • A comprehensive Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) completed by an experienced privacy team

  • Privacy compliance training for all clinic staff

  • Information Manager Agreements

  • Expedited PIA submission process

  • Annual PIA amendment (conformed vendors)

  • Privacy hot-line (guidance and support)

  • Annual self-audit assessment report

  • Clinic policy update guidance

  • Annual clinic workflow update

  • Agreement template update

  • Privacy Handbook updates

  • Breach report guidance

Secure Communications

  • Secure email service accepted by the OIPC

  • Unlimited compliant communication with collaborating clinics and patients

  • 500MB attachments for easy transmission of digital x-ray files

  • Ransomware blocking


Annual Compliance Subscription


Intimidated by the thought of managing your clinic compliance? For clinics with an existing PIA our annual compliance service subscription delivers perpetual compliance to OIPC and College guidelines, improved clinic compliance awareness, and privacy officer support. 



  • Privacy hot-line (guidance and support)

  • All requirements met for Netcare opt in

  • Annual self-audit assessment report

  • Annual PIA amendment (conformed vendors)

  • Clinic policy update guidance

  • Annual clinic workflow update

  • Agreement template update

  • Handbook updates: Privacy officer and Agreements

  • Breach report guidance

  • Secure-Mail Subscription

  • Privacy compliance training for all clinic staff


PIA Amendment

Dependent on Complexity 

$750.00 -  $2000.00

Privacy Training


The Brightsquid Privacy Team delivers leading training programs to all clinics that subscribe to our privacy support services to ensure understanding of regulatory responsibilities for clinicians and clinic staff as well as associations and vendors.



Privacy Program Development for Associations


The Brightsquid Privacy Team can build the privacy program for the professional associations and colleges of custodians in Alberta. These programs promote membership compliance awareness and streamlined support by establishing a compliance framework that encourages quicker membership adoption and OIPC support while also providing membership with resources for privacy expertise.


  • Conformance checklist development: custodian, clinic and vendor

  • Conformance repository development: Clinic and vendor

  • Association privacy policy development

  • Association handbook and training material customization

  • Develop checklists and repositories

Inquire for pricing, planning, and roll-out.